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Another option is using Word’s Overtype mode by typing over text you no longer need. Word’s handy Undo and Redo commands retrieve unintentionally deleted text. Use your keyboard or mouse in tandem with the BACKSPACE or DELETE keys to efficiently remove entire sections of text. By learning how to delete text and undo mistakes, you can edit your documents quickly using Word.

By the end of the course, you will feel comfortable and confident using Word 2019 for personal use or for in professional settings. In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to save the documents you create in Word.

Microsoft Word Activities

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  • I took and passed the 2019 MOS test three times before writing these lessons to ensure that they cover everything you need to know to pass!
  • To store and reuse readymade content and formatted elements such as cover pages and sidebars.
  • David is a truly amazing teacher who makes learning the harmonica lots of fun.
  • We cannot stress enough that only finding the right learning resources will allow you to understand each and every domain properly.

When students earn the MOS Word certification, they are recognized as being proficient with Word — a skillset many employers look for in new hires. The Microsoft Office Specialist Word certification is one of the most popular certifications in computer classes across the country. Ask anyone who knows these shortcuts —Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, and Ctrl + X to cut— and they will testify to their critical timesaving nature. Master these three basic commands first and you’ll find yourself zooming through document creation at surprising speeds.


You can be sure that nobody typed the entire sales letter from scratch. Instead, the company used a form letter, and something called mail merging. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to store long lists of names and addresses that you can reuse in a form letter. Just create a document once, leave blanks for inserting information such as names and addresses, and let Word personalize each letter for you. Now, you too can create personalized letters for business or personal use, such as sending out holiday greetings to family members and friends.

  • Lessons 7-8 will include advanced features that are not on the MOS test but will be of interest to your faster students who want a challenge.
  • A template stores the formatting of a document so that you can apply it to another document.
  • The continuing education unit is a nationally recognized means to document participation in organized non-credit continuing education.
  • At the top of the pane, type in the email addresses of the people with whom you want to collaborate on the document, separated by commas.

Word provides ways to change the appearance of a paragraph’s first line, line spacing within a paragraph, and line spacing between paragraphs. In addition, Word lets you create bullet and numbered lists, so you can display short bits of information in a visual manner. With Word’s various paragraph-formatting options, you can customize the appearance of all your paragraphs.

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Then, you will analyze an array of character formatting options in Word 2019 and how to use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. You will also study https://remotemode.net/ the AutoCorrect options and the format painter. Finally, you will take a look at the paragraph formatting options and the line spacing options.

Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons

With Word, you can press different types of keystrokes or search and click the symbol you want to use. This lets you add practically any type of unusual character to your documents, even smiley faces.

Features Of Ms Word

This guide shows you how to create a new Unreal Engine project, add a new C++ class to it, compile the project, and add an instance of a new class to your level. By the time you reach the end of this guide, you’ll be able to see your programmed Actor floating above a table in the level. Student Resource FileA supplemental image file provides the resource students need to complete lessons involving formatting images. The whole purpose of Word is to let you create and edit text, so in this lesson, you’ll go over the basics of moving the Insertion Pointer, or Cursor, and deleting text. Pressing the BACKSPACE and DELETE keys can delete text one character at a time. The keyboard lets you move the cursor one character, one word, or one line at a time. The mouse lets you quickly move the cursor and scroll through large documents far faster than the keyboard.

Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons

A template stores the formatting of a document so that you can apply it to another document. Templates let you format entire documents as easily as formatting a single word.

How To Learn Microsoft 365: Online Courses And Tutorials

Microsoft 365 is the gold standard in administrative management for a reason. Familiarizing yourself doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle; all of these Microsoft 365 tutorials lay out the facts clearly and coherently, which makes learning about each app a breeze. Instead of simply teaching us about the suite, this video takes a deep dive into the differences between different premium plans. He explores each tool and explains its purpose, demonstrating every possibility and application.

Using Find and Replace arrow_forward_ios✓Learn more about using the Find and Replace features to search your document. Creating and Opening Documents arrow_forward_ios✓Learn all about opening existing documents and creating new ones. Getting Started with Word arrow_forward_ios✓Get to know the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and Backstage view to produce Word documents.

Because of this, lots of computer teachers create their own curriculum. Finally, you need to consider how much knowledge your students already have about Microsoft Word. That’s why you need to consider the two other questions when planning.

Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda, is where the world turns whenever it needs to brush up on any of a number of professional skills, from AutoCAD to soft skills like leadership and empathy. For beginners and even those just brushing up on their Microsoft 365 skills, we’ve got many options for you to consider. In 1989, Microsoft released a new version of Word for its Windows operating systems. It was the Microsoft Word who introduced the concept of WYSIWYG , i.e. it allowed to create and display bold and italics text. Microsoft Word is a computer application program written by Microsoft. Get full access to Microsoft Word 2019 Step by Step, First Edition and 60K+ other titles, with free 10-day trial of O’Reilly.

Have you ever received one of those “personalized” letters from a company in the Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons mail? Instead, the company used a form letter and something called mail merging.

Most newer versions of Word include a handy “Tell me what you want to do” field at the top of the toolbar. Insert a word or phrase pertaining to any instruction and the program can quickly identify the command you’re looking for. Anytime you highlight a word or phrase and right-click it, you’ll see “Smart Lookup,” which serves as a quick shortcut to browse the web — without slowing down to open a separate browser window. From word definitions to news scans, this powerful tool can transform a simple question into a wealth of knowledge.

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