The Vampire Diaries: Damon & Elena’s Relationship, Season By Season

Stefan wants him to compel Ivy to pull it together and go live a normal life somewhere without him. However, Alaric angrily tells him how he forgot Damon first as he gave up searching on him and sends him away. Elena tells him how much she’s enjoying her volunteer time at the hospital.

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At the church, Stefan finds Caroline alone before the ceremony begins. She chooses the “horribly awkward present”, next to her mom’s open casket, to then ask him what everything between them means. He suggest they wait to talk just because she has a lot on today. Caroline leans over her mom’s casket and tells her everything will be OK and she’s going to be fine. Stefan sits on the end of the bench, beside his brother, Damon and his other friends.

What episode does Damon Salvatore and Elena get together?

Bonnie apologizes for the state she’s in and for avoiding everyone, and asks what he needs help with. Stefan tries to back out of it, but Bonnie insists that he tell her what’s wrong. Stefan then shows Bonnie the special bullets that he took out of Tyler and tells her that the bullets burn to the touch.

Liam then starts giving a very graphicly detailed explanation, but Stefan interrupts Liam asking if there was there any biting. Liam responds with yes, however, he says it’s not the biting he was thinking of, and Stefan realizes that Caroline had healed Liam and compelled him to forget what really happened. She responds that if he try’s to flip her switch back on they would see a whole other side to her. Stefan ignores her warning and goes straight to saying what he should have said at her mom’s funeral in hopes that it’ll will her to turn her humanity back on. It almost worked, but then Caroline realized what he was trying to do and told Stefan that he’d crossed the line.

Stefan was very close to Lillian as a child, so much that Damon himself even referred to Stefan as being a “mama’s boy”. It’s strongly indicated that Stefan was Lillian’s favorite son and that between the two brothers, Stefan was the son she shared a closer bond and relationship with. After his mother’s passing, Stefan lived with his father and his brother Damon. Personality wise, Stefan was seen to be kind, caring, compassionate, introverted, intelligent, well-spoken, responsible, dutiful, noble and an overall respectable young gentleman. Damon first meets Enzo when he is captured by Augustine in 1953. Through being tortured together, Damon and Enzo quickly build a strong bond.

Season 5

When Caroline asks what is happening between Elena and Stefan, he tells her that maybe this car trip would be good way to find out how Elena truly feels. Katherine tells him she would help him recover to Damon, not for Damon or for herself, only for Stefan, she hugs him and then Caroline arrives and interrupt them, Stefan and Caroline stare at each other. In Death and the Maiden, Stefan’s having a dream about how Silas stabbed him and put him in the safe. At first he’s confused to why is she there and she says that she missed him.

This age gap is a significant factor throughout the TV series and affects their relationship at various points in the story. The age difference means that Damon has gone through many life experiences that Elena has not. For example, he has witnessed significant historical events and developments, whereas Elena’s knowledge and experience are limited to her current lifetime. While playing a couple on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Jaz Sinclair and Ross Lynch sparked romance rumors in real life as well. The pair is still going strong even after the show wrapped in 2020. During the convention, Ian opened up about how Delena fans were problematic for his personal life.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

In Prayer For the Dying, Stefan joins the party to discover Colin’s now a vamp. They bring Colin to the hospital for Jo to examine, but she’s feeling less than adequate, having just failed to revive a plant. Trying to end the excruciating pain, Colin repeatedly stabs himself with a metal rod. Knowing the blood transfusion didn’t work, Damon pulls out Colin’s heart, much to his friends’ dismay.

Stefan is really upset because as long as Rayna is alive and Stefan has that scar, he can’t be with his girlfriend because there are kids involved. Stefan tells him they have to find a way to kill Rayna or get rid of his scar. Later, Stefan joins Caroline, Alaric and Matt at Whitmore and confesses to them that he handed over Enzo to Tripp. From the hospital, Elena calls Stefan, worried that her feelings will come back for Damon if she sees him.

Elena reveals that she never stopped loving him but Stefan seems troubled at the notion that she has feelings for Damon. He says to Elena, “I love you, I will always love you.” He tells her he wants her to look him in the eye and say she doesn’t feel anything for Damon. They dance and while the energy is intense they share a light hearted chat about Stefan’s usual lack of enthusiasm for dancing. The subject then switches to Damon and Stefan tells Elena that Damon needs to figure out that she can look out for herself. Elena tells Stefan she needs to talk to him and she asks for his help in getting her into the room with Esther alone. She mentions that he cares about killing Klaus more than anything and Stefan says she’s not wrong, though he has a conflicted look in his expression.

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