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Residential Homes and Country Estates

The COVID-19 has curtailed demand for residential transactions by 10-15% in Lisbon and 20-25% in Porto. At the same time the upward trend of sales prices have come to a halt, and a decline although not significant, is likely to be observed in some areas over the coming months. Developers have recently become very interested in large scale projects in the peripheral areas of the major cities. The revamping of the housing market is clearly on the horizon as market fundamentals remain robust. There is still a significant shortage of housing both for sale and for rent with a relevant pipeline available. We continue to see a continued high interest by both developers and investors.

Countryside Palacial home or estate opportunities are still available all over the country and the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increased demand as people decide to change lives, work from home or simply want a place away from the major cities. This is a known worldwide trend and Portugal is definately seeing the same tendency withthe advantage that there is no city or town more than two hours away from a major city or international airport.

If this is something that interests you please contact us and we will send you offers. We conduct a preliminary due diligence on all our offers.

Urban Buildings and Rehabilitation Opportunities

The demand for rehabilitation of buildings around Portugal continues in high demand  especially in the major cities of Lisbon and Porto.

Currently, in Lisbon alone, there are more than 130 buildings under construction, 46 of which are being marketed, making a total of more than 1000 new buildings. The average price per square meter on the market of the building under construction is 5,500 euros. Completed buildings already have an average sale price of 5,900 to 9,000 euros per square meter.

As soon as tourism resumes,  local housing are expected to offer investors a return of 4% to 5%.

We are positioned to send you existing market offers today.

Hotels, Resorts and Land Development

Foreign tourists are by far the main drivers in Portugal, with 72% of overnight stays. Madeira, Algarve and Lisbon are the most popular destinations among non-nationals. The Alentejo and the Center region are less developed and hence show a lesser preponderance of foreign tourist, indicating more growth potential as infrastructures are being developed and marketed. 

The key markets of the tourism sector in Portugal have remained practically unchanged over the last decade, with the UK retaining pride of place with 24% of all foreign visitors, followed by Germany (14%) and Spain (10%). The French and Dutch markets have been growing substantially over the last 4 years and represent 10% and 4% respectively.

Tourist accommodation in Portugal exceeds  78,000 rooms  over around 2,130 establishments. The current pipeline of projects shows that investments in tourist accommodations is clearly a priority, with an additional 73 hotels totaling around 5,600 rooms expected to be delivered by 2021.

If you are in the market for hotels, resorts or land to develop tourism, 2021 is a good time to look as we still see great opportunity as mobility is restricted and owners are eager to sell.


Commercial Yield Properties

  Consumer confidence will start to recover when there are positive signs of control over the pandemic and as we begin to deconfine. Shopping centres will continue to face major challenges, at least in the first half of the year. Despite the high dependence on tourism, prime high street retail zones should maintain their resilience due to their smaller size. However, secondary high street zones will be under pressure.

Having said that, we are still seeing plenty  opportunities to take ownership of suburban buildings holding high quality AAA brands. some interesting options are supermarkets, fast food chains, eye clinics still offering 5-7% yields with long term contracts. we are particularly focussed on industries that have continued to thrive unaffected by pandemic.  Request our uodated offers.

NOTE: Please make sure to call us before registering your name with other realtors or inform us who you contacted prior to us as our FREE service is only available when you make us your first stop in Portugal.

How We Work

West Iberia is a fully licensed real estate  company seeking to optimize your options in finding exactly what you want. Whether your shopping for a small flat, a family house, a property to renovate, a residential or industrial development site or simply looking for high yield return properties we can help. Whether your a small investor or a major international fund, we focus on finding below the line opportunities for you through our vast network of contacts.

We have formal agreements with all the major realtors and hundred of smaller ones all over Portugal providing us with continuous property opportunities countrywide. We also continue to strive to gain great off market opportunities as owners´ demand for our services continue to grow as an alternative option to sell their properties. We are in the business of saving you time, money and frustration.

Whether you start from scratch with us or you simply like to search online yourself, once you find what you like, we can do all the preliminary due diligence for you, negotiate and recommend what to look out for helping you make a safe a sound investment.

Please fill out your details on our form and schedule a phone call with us to find out more. Alternatively, we can just chat with you via whatsapp or skype or zoom on +351 966 179 915. Go ahead and add us.

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