Nothing Lasts Forever: The Science Behind The Honeymoon Phase

She holds a bachelor’s in business from American University, and her master’s and doctor of psychology degrees from Ryokan College. It makes us happier, more energetic, and more forgiving, among many other things. So what if you created a practice solely around the gratitude you feel for your partner?

How to make the honeymoon phase last longer?

In the course of human evolution, women who changed partners after four years together (enough time to co-parent through the early hard years of having a couple of kids) may have had an adaptive advantage. By engaging in “serial pair-bonding,” they could vary the genetic make-up of their offspring. The timing of today’s peaks in divorce rates may reflect the ingrained drive towards variation.

Tennov estimated that limerence lasts for around 2 years. But others note that the honeymoon phase can sometimes last for just a few months. It depends on the amount of time the couple spends together, notes Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and founder of online intimacy store Organic Loven.

Saltz suggested being more aware when voicing irritations, emphasizing the positive, and making a little “habit-trade” with each other. Photo by Diva PlavalagunaSome people don’t know when to walk away when their relationship became toxic. In just a few minutes you can connect with a certified relationship coach and get tailor-made advice for your situation. If you want specific advice on your situation, it can be very helpful to speak to a relationship coach.

Couples might find it helpful to go to couples therapy to talk through these problems and reach a compromise. As long as there are no major red flags, though, most situations about compromise can be easily solved. That’s not to say that relationships get worse and worse as they progress, but rather an acknowledgement that something about them does change as get to know each other better. Around the six-month mark is when a relationship begins to exit its honeymoon phase. Lauren Sharkey is a U.K.-based journalist and author specializing in women’s issues.

What do you appreciate, admire, love, and cherish about them? Just thinking about this every day will be valuable, but feel free to share at least one thing with them, too. The end of a honeymoon phase can also end up pointing out red flags you may have avoided in the beginning of the relationship. And when those issues come to light, it could be the end of the relationship altogether if one or both partners don’t see a future together. During this stage of your relationship, it feels like nothing can go wrong.

Refamiliarize yourselves with your shared vision for your relationship and future.

So, it is now time to start dealing with them while also making time for the relationship. At some point, the levels will stabilize, and the honeymoon period will end. However, it is an inevitable part of a new mutual romance that brings joy and excitement to an otherwise monotonous life, and hence, it is advised to enjoy it while it lasts. Head to the next section to know more about its duration. Gary outlines that gift-giving is a common activity across all cultures.

Remember: These Are Real People

However, it’s easy for cuddles to fade out when both parties don’t feel the need to crave that ‘comforting’ contact. Accordingly to a 2017 survey by, 32.5% of people surveyed think you should wait ’til marriage to move in together, but another 23% think one to two years together is plenty of time. And for 21% of those surveyed, six months to a year is plenty of time together to shack up.

“I think me being there allowed Jo to step back,” she explained. Now ICM offers counselling sessions to 160 young people a week, helping teens from across the county without any government or lottery funding. Sexual abuse is defined as any unwanted sexual acts, forcing pregnancy, or forcing to terminate pregnancy. Unwanted sexual acts can consist of rape, as well as unwanted sexual comments, touching, kissing, or even coercion into sexual acts.

Jordan Madison is a Licensed Coupe and Family Therapist, as well as a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator for premarital counseling. Stay updated with her via her holistic instagram page Perfectly Imbalanced for affirmations, self-love, tips on self-care, relationship distress, and community resources. The most important thing for friends/family of those suffering to do, is be nonjudgmental. Be as supportive as possible, as they are already going through enough. If you have the means to provide them with another place to stay, or a way to escape that can be helpful as well.

She loves to write about these experiences in her own handwriting at A few months ago, I reached out to Relationship Hero when I was going through a tough patch in my relationship. After being lost in my thoughts for so long, they gave me a unique insight into the dynamics of my relationship and how to get it back on track. And hopefully, once you’ve identified what matters to you, this journey will lead to more vibrant and enduring relationships down the road.

Victims may also face cultural or religious stigmas or financial barriers. The victim may be financially dependent on the abuser and lack the financial security to leave. If a victim has a disability, they may be physically dependent on their abuser for support. For LGBTQ+ couples, a victim who has not come out to everyone may fear of being outed. They may also be less likely to be believed or be less likely to believe they themselves are being abused due to the lack of education about the topic. If a victim is undocumented, they may be afraid of seeking help or fear their abuser will use their citizenship status against them.

As you get to know each other better, you start to feel more comfortable with each other. This means that you no longer feel afraid to show who you actually are. It helps you understand each other better, which reduces the number of misunderstandings you’ll face in your relationship.

You’ll probably pick arguments over things that don’t really matter. “By engaging in activities independent of each other, couples are better able to maintain their sense of self and bring diverse experiences to their relationship.” “In the beginning of a relationship, you want to see the other person all the time, and a lot of it involves intimacy,” says Bennett. It’s a little less carefree, a little less exciting, a little less romantic.

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