‪P Á T R I A‬   L U S A

Portuguese Heritage Home Decor

Fine Hand Made Contemporary Furniture
From Reclaimed Antique Azulejo Tiles

‪P Á T R I A‬   L U S A

Our Story

The name Pátria Lusa comes from the word “Pátria,” meaning one’s native country or homeland and “Lusa” from Latin Lusitanus of Lusitania (an ancient region of modern Portugal). Lusitania was an ancient Iberian Roman province including all modern Portugal south of the Douro river and a portion of modern Spain (the present community of Extremadura and a small area of the province of Salamanca).

Pátria Lusa Art Furniture is made from a mosaic of reclaimed original Portuguese 17th & 18th century Azulejo tiles. A heritage from centuries past. Throughout Portugal, this art remains prominent in churches, monasteries, royal palaces and other private and public buildings. Unfortunately, many buildings have been damaged or torn down. We make it our mission to revitalize these Azulejo tiles exclusively through authorized channels.

We combine these antique tiles with modern steel structures producing light and clean contemporary designs. Each piece is one of a kind, uniquely numbered and custom made by skilled tile artisans. An investment in Pátria Lusa furniture is an asset that may be handed down to family and friends for generations to come.

We are proud to claim that every piece of furniture we produce is unique and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our tiles, materials and production process is 100% of local origin and made in Portugal. This is our heritage.